The session of AMA (Ask Me Anything) with JOJO was conducted on 26th July 2021 at 6:30 PM IST. (1 PM UTC)

AMA at @CrytoPlayers started with a brief introduction by JOJOLord. Here are some highlights of the AMA.


The members of the JOJO team come from all over the world, our core members are located in Japan, and our members in Singapore, the United States, India and other countries are also actively working. This year, we have seen many miracles in the blockchain field. $SHIB has achieved great success, which represents the victory of the community to a great extent. The trading volume of NFT has increased hundreds of times and NFT games represented by Axie Infinity have made very surprising performance; In addition, the concept of Metaverse has been understood and recognized by more and more people. Many people in our team have accumulated rich experience in blockchain and NFT, we have experience in the development and operation of NFT game and NFT trading market, and many of us are game lovers. Therefore, we decided to develop $JOJO based on BSC.


Please introduce the token economic system and product ecology of JoJo from an overall perspective.

First of all, $JOJO is a completely decentralized MEME Token without any pre-sale and team reservation, the total circulation of $JOJO is 1 trillion, initially, 50% of the tokens are put into the Black Hole address, 36% into the PancakeSwap for Fair Launch, and 14% are gradually burned;
SUPER BURN & HODL-to-Earn mechanism, 10% of the amount of each on-chain transaction will be deducted, of which 4% will be allocated to all holding addresses including Black Hole address, so the deflation will NEVER stop; Stake-to-Earn mechanism, 3% of the amount of each on-chain transaction will be directly transferred to the JOJO NFT pool, and you can stake your JOJO NFT to earn $JOJO. That is to say, if you have $JOJO in your address, with the frequent increase of $JOJO on-chain transactions, the vaule of $JOJO in your address will gradually increase, and the JOJO NFT Pool will also become larger. In the next month, you will see the launch of JOJO Bounty, JOJO Blind BOX, JOJO NFT Pool, JOJO NFT Market, JOJO NFT Refine, JOJO NFT Breed, JOJO APP and other functions. Unlike most meme coin, $JOJO has a strong product ecosystem to support it. In addition, JOJO GamePad will incubate a variety of NFT games, and we will release physical toys combined with NFT + NFC / AR technology together with well-known IP, each toy corresponds to an NFT in the virtual world. We have begun to devote ourselves to this work and have made positive progress.
Our ultimate goal is to establish a JOJO.FUN Metaverse with the “Play-to-Earn” mechanism as the core with the JOJO community.

What’s the rumour about Nasdaq?

we are preparing something for the world to see our work, and this is one of them. I think everyone will know what it is in a week.

What do you think is JoJo’s advantage over its competitors?

OK, first, based on ACGN culture, create the most beloved MEME COIN; Super BUEN + HODL-to-EARN mechanisms, allowing your assets to continue to increase in value; Games + toys + NFT + trading market + NFT issuance and incubation platform to create ecological products; NFT+NFC/AR technology, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality; Introduce many Super IP and designers to jointly build the JOJO entertainment metaverse. We have a strong community, and our team is very clear about what we should do. $JOJO has been launched on PancakeSwap, our Bounty system has been running for nearly a week, and more than 15,000 people have received JOJO Bounty Task. We are turning the road map into reality step by step.

Can you introduce JoJo NFT in detail?

Sure, this is the most important for JOJO. At this stage, our NFT mainly includes four types: Origin JOJO NFT, Child JOJO NFT, JOJO Bounty NFT, JOJO Buddy NFT. We will launch 6 kinds of JOJO NFT, which will be called “Origin JOJO”. The total supply of these Origin JOJO is 14,515 and will never increase. Most Origin JOJO will be sold in blind boxes, and the other part will be distributed to users who have made contributions to the JOJO community. Furthermore, these Origin JOJO have Breeding functions. We have learned from the scheme of Axie Infinity. Now there are more than 1 million Axie NFT, and each Axie NFT can still be quickly sold at an average price of $200. Two Origin JOJO can reproduce a Child JOJO. According to genetic differences, now we have thousands of different images of Child NFT, and I believe it will continue to increase. In order to better reward users who have made contributions to the JOJO community, we also specially prepared “JOJO bounty NFT”. As long as you complete the task on the bounty page of our official website, you can get bounty NFT. We also selected 7 excellent NFT projects on BSC, and users holding these project NFTs can receive a JOJO Buddy NFT for free. We also learn from the practice of YOOSHI of BSC project, and allocate 3% of the amount of each on-chain transaction to JOJO NFT pool. The above 4 kinds of JOJO NFT have the “HashRate” attribute, you can stake these NFTs to the JOJO NFT pool to earn $JOJO. In the first month, YOOSHI has accumulated more than $2 million for NFT pool. I am also very confident in $JOJO.

Is there anything special about JoJo’s blind box?

The total supply of Origin JOJO NFT is 14,515, most of which will be sold in each issue in the form of a blind box. Before each issue goes on sale, we will announce the number and probability of different types of NFT in blind box of this issue. Generally speaking, the earlier you buy a JOJO blind box, the higher your chances of getting a rarer JOJO NFT. The rare JOJO NFT will bring you greater advantages in subsequent different playing methods, such as “refining” and “Breeding”. The distribution method of sales revenue of JOJO blind box is as follows:
50% is allocated to black hole address;
40% is allocated to NFT pool;
10% is allocated to the development team. I think this is the best point. The amount of NFT pool will continue to increase, and the deflation of $JOJO will also continue.

What other uses does JoJo NFT have besides mining?

OK now we are talking about how to Stake-to-Earn with JOJO NFT. In 2017, we had regarded “game” as one of the most consistent fields with NFT. Therefore, in JOJO, in addition to “Stake-to-Earn”, “game” is another important application scenario of JOJO NFT. To this end, we have designed a wealth of “Refining” and “Breeding” systems. JOJO GamePad is regarded as one of the most important products in JOJO ecology in the next stage. We will incubate a variety of NFT games through JOJO GamePad. JOJO NFT holders can participate in these games earlier and even obtain the early share of these games. We believe that blockchain games still have great potential, and We have seen the mission of JOJO GamePad to hatch more “Axie Infinity”. We will also combine several well-known IP to launch JOJO SmartTOY, combining NFT + NFC/AR technology, the NFT in the digital world can be one-to-one correspondence with physical toys in reality. Our ultimate goal is to break the boundary between virtual and reality in JOJO.FUN Metaverse with the help of NFT and blockchain technology.

Twitter Round:

There are an increasing number of NFTs being created across a broad range of platforms like music, art, gaming and collectibles. So how does JOJO Community differrents from the #NFT platform ?

NFT is divided into many categories, and now, Art and games are the most popular. JOJO is committed to building a complete JOJO.FUN Metaverse, it will contain all NFT-related content. We will introduce excellent designers to create more NFT artworks, and more game NFTs will also be released through JOJO GamePad In addition, we will combine NFT with physical toys through AR/NFC technology. we believe it will be huge.

JOJO’s origin comes from Japan, and was based on the Animation Comic Game Novel culture (ACGN) founded in Japan, though, as the ACGN culture is widely loved and respected, can you tell me how JOJO searched for the best designers in the field of ACGN? How did you integrate them?

If you pay attention to the NFT field in the past year, you will find that more and more artists are turning their attention to blockchain and NFT. In Japan, the competition among cartoonists is very fierce, and many talented cartoonists cannot turn their works into profits, I believe this situation exists all over the world. JOJO can help them, it is very creative. We have already contacted some friends, and we will be able to see these jobs soon.

What is the status of JOJO #BSC development? Provide a detailed description of current development efforts, predicted market expansion strategies, and anticipated commercial applications.

a month ago, and so far it has gone smoothly. As i said, in the next month, you will see the launch of JOJO Bounty, JOJO Blind BOX, JOJO NFT Pool, JOJO NFT Market, JOJO Refine, JOJO Breed, JOJO APP and other functions. Unlike most meme coin, $JOJO has a strong product ecosystem to support it.
In terms of the market, we are also very ambitious. In the next 1–2 weeks, we will let the world see JOJO. So just stay tuned.

Do you have any plans to attract Non-crypto investors to Jojo Fun. Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

Of course, this is also the ultimate goal of JOJO.FUN Metaverse. Based on this, we have been working hard to introduce physical toys into the blockchain
Establish contacts with more traditional industry Giants, actively participate in charity activities, and develop more friendly products. This is what we have been doing.

Do you think your system is secure enough? How safe is your system in securing funds and user data?

Yes, safety is also our most important issue.Our contract is being audited by Certik, and I think there will be a final result tomorrow. All LPs of $JOJO in PancakeSwap will also be destroyed. JOJO will be a completely decentralized APP (DApp), I think this is the benefit of blockchain. In fact, in the blockchain, you don’t need to trust anyone, because Code is the Law.

Community Round:

Where is JOJO road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and What are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

Staking & Farming is very popular today as incentives, so does JOJO support any and what are the requirements?

This is the best part of JOJO. In the JOJO system, there are 4 types of NFTs, all of which can be pledged to earn $JOJO. Of course, you can also use these NFTs in the game.

Many projects speak about “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

For us, NFT+Game is our short-term goal. This is what we have been doing for the past few years. After completing this goal, we will use JOJO GamePad to hatch more games and introduce physical toys into the JOJO.FUN Metaverse

Lucy Chan
Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally
In what order?

Each one is important, sorry I can’t arrange the order for them. In fact, different departments of our team are working hard in different directions.

Ngan Ha
Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects??

Before the FairLaunch of $JOJO, we released the official website and JOJO Bounty system:, I think we will release JOJO NFT Blind BOX and JOJO NFT Pool next week. I can be proud to say that we have a very strong development team, and you don’t need to worry about it at all.



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