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Announcement poster of Tangiverse.

The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with Tangiverse was conducted on 20 Mar 2023 at 4 PM IST (10:30 PM UTC) and lasted for 2 hours.


Prashant from Tangiverse has joined us for this AMA session.

Please introduce yourself to our community?

Dear Folks, Your Prashant this side, CEO & Founder of Tangiverse ecosystem. The first Tangibler of Tangiverse ecosystem
We call ourselves Tangiblers as enablers of Tangibility in Virtuality
Our tagline is Where Virtual Meets Real. We are building a community-based ecosystem around Blockchain technologies including cryptos, exchanges, NFTs, metaFi, GameFi, DeFi.
As the First Tangibler, I am responsible for aligning resources to our Missions and Visions. And making sure, I create the best People’s company with available resources and constraints.

How did you guys come up with the name Tangiverse and what is the meaning?

Tangiverse is a combination of ‘Tangible’ &’ Metaverse’
Tangible is something that we can touch n feel
And Metaverse is a Virtual World as you know
We are bringing tangibility to virtuality
The place where virtual is real and real is virtual
Our Focus is to build the community and educate them and make them decision-makers of the Future.

I also read that Tangiverse is the first blockchain project approved by the GOI, is it so?

We are building a community, educating them, and making them decision-makers through DAO
Yes, as we are Start-up India-registered company
We are a Fully audited, KYC-done, legitimate organization
We believe everyone has their hard-earned money at stake, we are morally, legally, and professionally bound to protect the wealth of our stakeholders
You can rest assured of my qualifications and capabilities of saving your interest and vision.
Where you just do not make decisions but are also entitled to get profits from the company directly to your wallet address.

What some of utilities do Tangiverse will bring to us?

As said, we are formalizing the community as DAO, and our token holders Will be part of DAO. Any holder has to hold for 3 months for activating their Voting rights and Privileges
Meanwhile, the holders will earn interest as well as value appreciation
We have our hybrid crypto exchange ready ( under testing)
The community can vote and rate Any Crypto asset
Every transparency will be with the community
So actually this exchange will be run and maintained by you and me combined. So this exchange is hybrid, the best mix of centralized and Decentralised one
Similarly, we are launching the NFT marketplace and so on
Giving tangibility, trust, and transparency in all our unique initiatives
Our unique value proposition is our community is not just decision makers but also part of value creation.

Can you share info about the total supply of Tangiverse & tokenomics distribution?

We have a total supply of 80 billion tokens, and 40% liquidity will be there in the Market at any point in time. 35% will be the holding of the core team, rest will be in the ecosystem, marketing, etc.

We will be burning 5% every year for the next 3 years

Supply is restricted

Minted on BEP-20 currently, soon to be moving on Tangible Chain
We are releasing liquidity in 4 phases

Phase-0: 5% — Pre-Sale, 5% ICO
Phase-1: 10%
Phase -2: 10%
Phase-3: 10%
Holder of this 40% will be part of DAO

What are the current & Future Roadmap Targets of Tangiverse?

Mostly you can find our roadmap and plan on our website
As shared earlier, we are moving forward in 4 phases (0–3)

Phase-0, where we are targeting to launch Tangibx ( tangible exchange) with Hybrid features, ICO, DeFi (Staking & Loan) functions

Phase 1:
TangiWallet, Tangi-Swap, DAO, NFT Marketplace, TangiNFT, Tangirewards, Tangilearn, Tangiearn

Phase 2
Stable Coin — TUSD & TRUPYA, Ecosystem, Tangichain, Tangigames, Tangisocial

Phase 3
Metaverse, Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway, Scan, and Pay

Initially, beta versions will be launched within the community where only community members can test and share feedback backs. In every next phase, we will be incorporating the feedback and launching the Fully functional app and website and beta versions of the products as mentioned in the roadmap
We target to complete all three phases in between 12–15 months
We targeting to hit 100 million dollar revenue by April 2024. This is our short-term goal.
Our long-term goal is to become the “world’s largest 1st People’s Company”

Where can we find out more about Tangiverse? Can you share us all your social media links?

The first resource is our website
Then keep updated on our channel
Our channel “Tangiverse”
You can share and earn TAN tokens
At “tangibler” community
Twitter is
Please get into this amazing one of its kind group related to web3.


Can you elaborate on your vision regarding $TUSD and $TRUPYA in the Tangi Ecosystem.

That’s a very interesting question
TUSD is a stablecoin with USD asset-backed
Tangible USD
TRUPYA is a stablecoin backed by our Indian Rupees
Tangible Rupya
For TRUPYA, CBDC will play a major role
TUSD and TRUPYA are highly incentivized in Tangiverse Ecosystem.

Can you highlight the major features of tangiverse? are their any plans to add new features?

As discussed earlier, we are building many used cases in the ecosystem
A hybrid model of Blockchain is one of its kind and the first in the entire universe
Please check the website and Whitepaper for the same
As we are building an ecosystem, we are not limited to current technologies available today
In the future, if new tech and use cases come we are fully equipped and aligned to involve those tech and use cases
Into our ecosystem
As our Core is our community, all initiatives will be based around the Tangiblers only.

How much money you’ve raised so far & what’s the plan for raising more money for long term sustainability of the project.

We are bootstrapped so far, and haven’t raised any money
We are on pre-sale of our Tokens, connect to @TheKrishna_nft
However, we are in discussion with a few Investors.
We have recently all out for marketing now
The earlier focus was on the product. We are planning for ICO in April month. Currently, a pre-sale discount of 5–15% depending upon investment is going on.


Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

We are focusing on the global market Irrespective of language, cast, creed, ethnicity, or boundaries of geographies. That is the beauty of Blockchain
Our Focus is on community building, helping them with current news, Trends, and finding good projects and use cases.
Once that is built, the sky is the limit for us. We Will be partnering with countries and helping build their economies into Blockchain by training and skill development into it, helping them earn.
Therefore, newcomers and new geographies can join, So I request you to join this cause and be the torch bearer for us. Be the Tangibler and Move the World.

In terms of community, there is still a large audience in the gaming world who are not aware of the crypto and blockchain industry. What is #Tangiverse plan to reach out to these people and make your voice heard by all gamers?

We are launching the world of GameFi. In the ecosystem, Where game developers, gamers, and newbies can learn and earn by playing and contributing to the community. This is a very special and unique concept
We are trying for the first time in the world, We are proud to say we will be Pioneer in this space.

Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?

We won't be more TANgible in this space of NFTs where NFTs are not just graphics anymore. Also, we want to break this cycle of finding the bigger fool. We are TANfying it by real assets, Where you have the access to real assets in the real world and own the NFT in the virtual world.
We are also partnering with Government and using AI to bring copyright into this space, Which nobody has tried so far.

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Prashant from Tangiverse. AMA Concluded at 6 pm IST.

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