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The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with Summeris was conducted on 13th Nov 2021 at 5:30 PM IST (12 PM UTC) and lasted for 1:30 hours.


I welcome you on behalf of Crypto players India team, hope you will enjoy today’s AMA session.
Very excited to have you with us.😊

Please tell us about yourself and the team working on Summeris?

SH’ Summeris
Hey everyone, it a pleasure to meet yall 👋🏻
My name is Bayu Rheza and im Co- Summeris app. I’ve some experience in the crypto space so that's why I built Summeris. Also, I'm the owner of Shine Premium Signal. maybe some of you have heard of it 🙂 We have 30 members on our team and each of them has expert skills also has big experience in crypto since 2018. Summeris was launched with a mature and proper idea.

What is Summeris? Please provide a detailed introduction.

SH’ Summeris
Summeris App
Introduction: Summeris: is a cross-chain-based NFT marketplace platform that facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of digital artwork through non-fungible tokens (NFT). We have 1k+ active members on our platform, and also summeris have some features; NFT Launchpad and NFT Bridge
With Summeris, users can share their experiences, build a loyal community, and receive long-term support. Users of the platform will be able to buy, sell and create digital assets in a secure and compliant environment.
Important link:

How to create and sell your NFT, Please explain in detail.

SH’ Summeris
How to create NFT with one click:
You only need to upload the image, provide detailed information and a description of the created image. click “create item”, sign the chain confirmation. Your work is successfully created in “one click”. Above is how this feature works.

What make Summeris NFT Launchpad different from other, What are the advantages?

SH’ Summeris
Compared to other NFT marketplace products, the significant advantage of Summeris Launchpad is that NFT transactions are more guaranteed to have value, and lower costs. We believe such products will definitely be more user-friendly and will allow us to take a leading position in the NFT ecosystem. Also we will launch Summer IDO launchpad on this month, like Gamefi, polkastarter and etc. especially for Gaming industry.


Summeris will develop the “NFT Bridge” system which is part of the SUM Ecosystem. Can you explain more about this NFT Bridge? How does it work and what benefits users get? Also How will your Bridge System be fully responsible for the withdrawal rate mechanism?

SH’ Summeris

New features are now coming to Summeris. We believe that this will become increasingly important, therefore Summeris will develop the NFT Bridge system that is part of the SUM Ecosystem. Summeris NFT Bridge’s whole idea is to take off-chain data into an on-chain. Our Bridge system will also solve its own problems to be fully responsible for the image value mechanism.
That's benefits users will get is they can reduce fees from several chains. Ex: Bridge their NFT from ERC20 into BEP20.

Summeris-SUM has Use cases including premium access to limited edition collectibles,fees,community governance, rewards & more.
Can you tell us a bit more detail on this? What is the minimum amount and minimum period staked,to avail this premium access?

SH’ Summeris
Depending on what you want, we have a few tiers for premium access and will explain them later. This feature is still on track, development and It will be announced asap.

I learned that Summeris will also register the task of awarding new art images to the chain through its UI, and then the system will read it from chain to chain and send it to the worker for periodic execution, nonetheless, what sorts of rewards will be given to new art images?

SH’ Summeris
The rewards will be fully responsible for the image value mechanism.


Larry Fields
I want to invest to your project. Where i buy your token? Is it available on any exchange?

SH’ Summeris
You can buy it when it's listed on DEXs, but not yet available.

Kevin Keeler
The audit is important for both trust and security? Have you done any audits of your project?

SH’ Summeris
True, also audit will give some trust for our investor. Of course yes, SUM Token passes the first audit sith tech rate audit before launch 💪 Audit results can be found here

Kathleen Ford
What killer features Summeris has that are ahead of the competition and how does intend to open up the technology to the community and to researchers so it can be continuously improved on?

SH’ Summeris
Very cool,
We build some features to compete with other NFT Marketplace, what do we offer for you?
- Minting fee is 0%. We don't charge any fees because our target is newcomers to Crypto Space. So this will make it easier for them to work on Digital Art
- Friendly UI. We use friendly UI/UX on our application, with speed and smooth access. this will make users comfortable using Summeris
- Staking NFT to get rewards, that's feature will coming on Q4 2021. But I have a little leak for yall, We will support NFT staking on our application.

Which do you think is more important:
A. Community
B. Investors
C. Token Price
If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

SH’ Summeris
First, Community is the main point. Community is very important in project development, those who build and make us stronger. And next is investors. Investors will look at a project with a strong community, they will come by themselves. It’s possible for them to invest if they have more supporters. last, token price. it will follow from two points above, also from utilities.

What are your plans to grow the ecosystem and bring Summeris to the masses? Would you like to partner with more NFT projects? Will you form a partnership?

SH’ Summeris
I’ve some plans to grow up Summeris ecosystem. At first, our team still focussing on building, so all newcomers on Crypto & NFT space can be accessible. About the partnership, we don't have one at the moment but Summeris powered by Moralis (Web3 Apps). Why we choose Moralis as our application because they have a good ecosystem and better operating system than others on Web3 Apps.

Hunny Kaushal
I read that SUM holders will be rewarded for holding local tokens in the Summeris ecosystem. How do SUM holders get paid for their coins? Can SUM holders get premium access?

SH’ Summeris
Good question, The reward is SUM tokens. You can stake NFT to get SUM tokens with a minimum period of a week. Also, you can stake SUM to get xSUM, the utility will update later on our medium article. A little leak, Summeris NFT is not for sale. How to get Summeris NFT so I can stake it to get SUM tokens? Simple, you just join our 3D NFT limited edition giveaway here:

SK Rayhan
How does $SUM token work on the Platform?
On what chain, it is present?

SH’ Summeris,
In an exciting milestone for Summeris, we are now live on Binance Smart Chain! As part of our continuous effort to bring cross-chain functionalities to our protocol and platform, you can join our community events and get the first $SUM. Learn more:

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest SH’ Summeris from Summeris. AMA Concluded at 7 pm IST.



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