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The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with SoccerFi was conducted on 17 Dec 2022 at 5 PM IST (11:30 AM UTC) and lasted for 1 hour.


Alvin Sena from SoccerFi has joined us for this AMA session.

Please introduce yourself and the team behind SoccerFi?

Hey guys, nice to meet y’all.
I'm Alvin sena, Soccersfi’s Co-Founder. Today I’ll be the guest on this AMA section. also, I’ve over 5 years of experience in technology & digital crypto projects. That’s why we’re building Soccer Finance.

Tell us about Soccerfi?

SoccerFi is a SportFi Ecosystem that focuses on soccer with a simple & easy-to-use platform. Users can earn tokens by predicting, play & stake using our platform. Also, users can earn SFI by predicting sports matches like UCL, Worldcup, and any Esports on our platform. In the future of SoccerFi, technology is so advanced that humans spend almost all their time except sleeping. Although humans have abandoned most sports, their love for the sport of soccer has increased rather than decreased.

What utilites on Soccerfi? Do you have preview?

We have good utilities, some are already live, but not yet released.
You can check it out here:
Dapp —
Staking —
and more will come!

Has your project completed a private sale? Tell us about it.

No, we don’t have any private sales.

Please share your Roadmap & Tokenomics?

You can find our Roadmap & Tokenomics on our whitepaper here:

Do you have major partnerships? and smart contract audited?

Currently, we work together with mail3 & (China) to build a solid community and friendly platform for users. In the future, we will bring more partnerships.


Where can we buy $SFI tokens and how can users purchase player boxes?

You can get early access by participating in our whitelist event. Only 666 investment spots are to be won.
You can buy players' boxes when our NFTs get live.

Where can users stake SFI? And how can we earn rewards?
What other benefits do users get?

You can stake SFI here:
Users can provide liquidity by adding BNB + SFI to earn SFI tokens.
Benefits obtained for stakers, they can participate in lottery & dao governance.

I love soccer and your platform is much needed for the time. How can someone bet using your platform and can earn a good amount of money? And how are you going to attract new users.

You can bet when it’s life, and earn by wagering on our platform. On our betting platform, we’ve more tiers and each tier gets different rewards. Also, you can earn 2% referral fee if you invite your friends.
How to attract new users, depends on our marketing & partnership. We’ll attract more partnerships in the future, i.e sponsorship of the Football club & launch giveaway events to new users.

Soccerfi is a decentralized esports platform that provides an Enlightened Edge for all traditional games. With Enlightened Edge, what features and advantages will Soccerfi bring that traditional esports don’t have? How can players profit through Soccerfi?

Our advantage is Decentralized. Users can earn benefits by inviting friends, playing on our platform, predicting matches to get free tokens, and getting weekly Rakeback.


Aman Garuda
Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

We’re secure. you can check the audit result here:

Quang Huynh
Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Follow our social media for News & Update.

Bao Phan
Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future? Do you have any Anti-dump mechanism for holders who may want to dump during pump?

Good question, there’s any max Quantity of selling tokens This feature is to anticipate anti-dump.

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The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Alvin Sena from SoccerFi. AMA Concluded at 6 pm IST.

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CryptoPlayers is one of the oldest & largest crypto communities in India since early 2017.

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