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Announcement poster of Sentre.

The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with Sentre was conducted on 7th Nov 2021 at 5:30 PM IST (12 PM UTC) and lasted for 2 hours.


I welcome you on behalf of Crypto players India team, hope you will enjoy today’s AMA session.
Very excited to have you with us.😊

Please tell us about yourself and the team working on Sentre?

Eden| Sentre
About me first. I’m Eden — Marketing Leader of Sentre
I’ve already have 3 years worked on Marketing, but I just jump on Crypto Marketing recently, I met Mr. Ryan — COO of Sentre at a Seminar and he invited me to Sen Team. And I’m having the great time at Sentre now
About the Team. Our core team, we are all based in Vietnam. We have 5+ years of hands-on blockchain dev experience from world-class environments like Infinity Blockchain Labs, Binance, and we all are passionate with DeFi
About the most recent achievements: our CEO — Mr. Tu Phan was the first runner-up of State of Chain 2018, baked by Hashed. Furthermore, with Sentre, he won The #2 in Solana’s Inaugural Hackathon in 2020 by the SoproX project.
Besides that, he has also participated in some hackathons as a mentor.

What is Sentre? Please provide a detailed introduction.

Eden| Sentre
Sentre is an Open Protocol on Solana. Our Vision is to create an All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity; altogether become a Safe Haven for DeFi developers and users. We built Sentre with two main uses:
1.The Open Platform for dApps by providing resources to devs and verifying high ROI generating dApps for users
2. The Liquidity Accumulator that collects liquidity from many sources (partnering Dapps & SenSwap) allows users to manage their liquidity easily.

What are the highlights of Sentre’s technology? What are it’s unique features?

Eden| Sentre
The most outstanding feature of Sentre is the openess. I may divided the current market into two segments.One is a programmable environment and the other is an open environment. In programmable enviroment, you can be develop your DApps on top of others platform. but you never be a native function in them, you also have to find liquidity, do marketing stuff, call fundraising if needed, pay a lot of services to host your app. The open enviroment is different. when you can completely use the current resource and contribute to the mother platform without any restriction. By these explaination. I think most of platforms now are programble ones
Sentre is OPEN. Beside the Openess, we also have Senswap (an AMM) with many outstanding features.
- Asymmetric Deposit: can add liquidity by one-sided token
- Zero Impermanent Loss: based on an adaptive fee model
- Triad Pool: optional pool with 3 tokens
- Cross-chain Liquidity: natively support Wormhole v2.

Can you tell the benefits of holding Sen? And share your achievements and future vision with our community.

Eden| Sentre
Okay, before tell you about the benefit, I think we should know about the utility of SEN token first
There are 4 use cases of $SEN:
1. Fee Reduction:
When swapping, with $SEN as the “bridge” between any pair of tokens, users can reduce the exchange rate from 0.3% to only 0.25%.
2. Buy back & make:
With any swapped pair, the fee can be easily transformed into $SEN. Then, instead of burning them away, these fees are collected and automatically transmitted to other SEN-based services.
3. Protocol Entropôt:
$SEN connects all pools in the ecosystem and makes sure any pair of tokens can be swapped.
4. Governance:
Participants will stake SEN in order to vote and reach a consensus.
They also can vote for what dApp will be debuted on Senstore.
When you look at the application of $SEN, you see that it is very useful and diverse right. We designed $SEN as A heart of Sentre Ecosystem
With the Openess, we will use the resource from Developers and Partner instead of buiding everything by ourself
So, the ecosystem will grow rapidly, leading to an increase in value of SEN token, the heart of ecosystem. So, if you hold SEN it’s will be a potential investement, because the value of token will increase very fast
Beside that, Sentre will have many rewards for people hold $SEN in a long term About the Achievement:
1. Technological achievements;
So far, we have released SenJS, SenUI, launched Sentre Devnet, SenSwap, SenFarming, Pokadex (a game) You can explore our Devnet here:
2. Community achievements:
We have 65k members on telegram, 45k followes on Twitter and 15k members on Discord. we’ve just finished a 7-day educational series called “Decode Sentre” so that users could specifically acknowledge about us, and much more exciting Contest, Quizzes, daily activities with huge rewards for our community which is “Sentizens”,
About the upcoming plan:
We will do a fair launch in this month on
It’s will be a fair distribution launch (no one can manipulate, no random/ whitelist) Come along with juicy APY on farming and staking.


According to what I’ve read, one of the key advantages of SENTRE is that it compensates its bearer. That’s a fantastic idea, but how did they do it? What mechanism was in place to allow holders to receive Sentre as a reward?

Eden| Sentre
I think the advantages of SENTRE isn’t “ it compensates its bearer”
but I will explain you how the Sentre user get the liquidity effiency
Unlike other liquidity protocols, Sentre has up to 2 sources of liquidity
1. The liquidity of Senswap (pool)
2. The liquidity of the dApps of Developers and Partners integrated into Sentre. we will capture more liquidity and then distribute back to user through farming, staking and so on
More liquidity — -> more benefit
beside that, we also create some activity to rewards people holding Sen like Retroactive, airdrop,… To know more detail about the Liquidity flow of Sentre. You can see this picture:

I experienced your Devnet and I must say that it amazing exploring the Devnet. On the Senstore, I came across a game known as PokeDex. Does this mean that Sentre will be considering games and NFTs on its platform in the nearest future?

Eden| Sentre
We really appreciate your experience, it could be even more amazing if you could leave your feedback about it and wait for the fascinating mainnet to come. Pokadex is just a fun project, we do not input many functions on it
But Pokadex showed what we can do on Sentre. We also are working with other projects to bring many great and credible DApps to Defi users in the next year.. And hopefully, we can have a collaboration with a project related to the NFT area, then it’s possible to have NFT rewards for Sentre users.
It’s promising and if we find a use case for NFT, we will definitely do that. However, please keep in mind that Sentre is a tech-driven platform.
That means we will deliver cool products that are meaningful to users. If it’s just a trendy project, we’ll likely say no.”


Currently Sentre is an open liquidity protocol built in Solana. But can you tell us the importance of Solana on your platform? Since there are better interoperable networks, such as BSC or Ethereum, why did you choose Solana? Do you have plans to expand to other similar networks?

Eden| Sentre
Solana is our choice to lay the foundation for the next generation of DeFi by ultimately ensuring high security, decentralization but greatly improved scalability, up to 65,000 TPS (transactions per second), and 400ms block times without applying complex solutions. Transaction fees on the Solana platform are among the cheapest, only around $ 0.00001.
This overcomes the obstacles of transaction fees and the increase in time per transaction, problems where ETH and others have yet to find an optimal solution. Beside that, the ecosystem of Solana is growing very fast, a lot of good projects are launched. That’s good point for Sentre to collect them and become an All-in-One Solana Open Platform. Moreover, building a dApp on Solana is more difficult than others, so when we provide a complete solution for developers to build dApp and support them, it’s really attractive condition for developers. In the near future, Sentre will try to capture more value projects in Solana (Derivatives, NFT, Lending & borrowing, Insurance, Asset Management…) Further, we are going to reach others blockchain.

When is the official launch $SEN #SEN

Eden| Sentre
we are going to do it in Novembers, the expected time is 2nd week
But, It can be delay for 1 week so we can prepare better
Please follow our media channel for the official announcement
I’m sure you don’t want to miss this chance, It’s will be a fair distribution launch come along with juicy rewards.

Chloé Sofie
As we all know setting up the new development environment is really time consuming and complex. So how did your Team overcame this problem? Please explain.

Eden| Sentre
I think it’s not really complex if you know the way to approach it. As a developer, our founder don’t want innovative idea just die soon because some unexpected obstacles. So I decided to built an open, friendly and free environment for individual or small team to develop thier ideas on top
They can quickly ship the ideas to the public quickly by inherit Sentre’s resources, supports. we also build the technical libraries for developers
Senteam’s strength is that the members of the tech team are all experienced experts in blockchain. They not only focus on making the product, but also care about how other developers can easily do it.

Why did you build project, what was the motivation to start this project? What is different about project to attract investors’ attention?#SENTRE

Eden| Sentre
Every project always has the story behind with Sen, the story become from the Founder. As a Developers, Our Founder — Tu Phan recognize that
when the product is an individual idea, developers had to realize thier idea by hands and tackle a lot of technical and financial challenges to build something big, he doesn’t want innovative idea just die soon because some unexpected obstacles. So he decided to built an open, friendly and free environment for individual or small team to develop thier ideas on top. They can quickly ship the ideas to the public quickly by inherit Sentre’s resources, supports
now developers can certainly focus on their ideas and never be distracted by some things like kick-fund, marketing, liquidity or even technical libraries
and by a lot of innovative ideas from the community, people can be benefited by that we call “the contribution back” That’s our vision. The different of Sentre is the Openess. And our target audience are not just investors and users, but also developers. The developers will use our resource to be debuted their dApps on Sen Store, where users can experience their favourite dApps and explore new dApps. All target audience contribute and get more benefit in Sentre — All in one platform. That’s why Sentre is a real project bring the real value. As a Investors, I will never miss this oppoturnity.

15M harus ada
There are many farming, lending and borrowing platforms on solana, so what are the core values and what makes Sentre different from other farming, lending and borrowing platforms on solana?

Eden| Sentre
I think the most different is not come from the features of these product
The different is these products is a part of Sentre Ecosystem
They contribute and inherit liquidity in our Ecosystem. And I said more liquidity more benefit. Beside that, we offer an All-in-one experience
You can explore your Defi Word on Sentre and no need to go anywhere
We offer the most friendly Defi Platform. where users can organize favorite DApps for an optimal workflow on a single page (Professional Mode).

People believe in a more trustworthy and trustworthy community where they can invest and participate in projects freely and safely. Community connections play a key role in a successful project. So what is Sentre’s team planning to create a core community?

Eden| Sentre
Every people love crypto are looking for the benefit But, a lot of scam, pump and dump project out there. They give you a whitepaper with the far-fetched visions. Take your money and give you hope But Sen is different We build the product first, we create Devnet with Swap, Asset management, Farming, Staking and also game. We create a Senstore where all dApps will displayed on it. We do all these things to prove for community that Sentre is a real product bring the real value. We gain community trust by the actions, not just word About the plan to grow community. We will countinue gain the trust of community by the real value we bring to them. Beside that, we will collaborate with many trusted media partners like Crypto Players India to spread out our message And create a sustainable community.

Ali Kazmi
Staking programme is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme?

Eden| Sentre
Yeah, of course we have 2 day after we launch token, we will open the staking
and just like other dapps, we will provide a juicy APY for you guys in the first time. Don’t miss that chance.

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Eden from Sentre. AMA Concluded at 7:30 pm IST.




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CryptoPlayers is one of the oldest & largest crypto communities in India since early 2017.

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