The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with RARIO was conducted on 24 th Dec 2021 at 5:30 PM IST (12 PM UTC) and lasted for 1:30 hours.


Ankit Wadha, Anshul Agrawal and Shanili Wood from RARIO have joined us for this AMA session.

Please tell us about yourself and the team working on RARIO?

Shalini Wood
I’m Shalini Wood and have been with the awesome Rario team since the pre-launch of the project as a Marketing Communications Consultant. Besides that, I’m a CMO of a Danish Fintech project called e-Money.
Ankit Wadhwa
I am Ankit Wadhwa, CEO and Co-founder of Rario. Have been building Rario for the last 1.5 years. My last venture was the 2nd largest eCommerce platform in the middle east, which we sold to Carrefour in 2019
The founding team includes me and Sunny Bhanot, CTO and cofounder — who was CTO of the wadi (middle east eCommerce) and Hindustan Times (2nd largest news platform in India) before this
Most of our top team is from top tier engineering schools like IITs or ivy league B schools like Stanford, Wharton etc
We are building the first officially licensed cricket NFT platform here at Rario
And have signed up several cricket leagues and players for this
Including some iconic names like — Zaheer Khan, Rishabh Pant, Faff du Plessis etc. In total we have 20 international cricket players signed directly with us. And through our league partnerships, we have assets and moments of more than 520 international cricketers.
Shalini Wood
Essentially Rario is building a Cricket metaverse — that will have cricket fans at the heart of everything we do!
Anshul Agrawal
I am Anshul Agrawal. I am IIT and IIM alum and handle strategy at Rario.

What is RARIO? Please provide a detailed introduction.

Ankit Wadhwa
Rario is a cricket NFTs Marketplace and gaming metaverse
We are building an ecosystem for fans and users to collect, hold and use NFTs
We currently have moments from various cricketing tournaments in the marketplace through partnerships with leagues and players
Our partner leagues extend from West Indies to the Middle East to Indian Sub Continent and North America. We are in the process of signing more such leagues and with each league, access to imagery of 50–100 players.
As of now, we are running a packdrop for Sri Lanka premier league’s pack drop. Reservation is currently on, for those who are interested.

There are many unique and limited edition cards what are the benefits for long term holders?

Shalini Wood
Yes, indeed there are several categories of unique and rare cards (limited edition cards); besides buying, collecting and trading them. Rario Nifty’s will soon be integrated into the MEGA gaming metaverse!
The Gaming metaverse will be embedded with a quintessential ‘game theory’ and rare and unique cards will be used to level up; unlock several features in the gaming eco-system
We see that our early adopters/community members as solid HODLers! The team is UBER excited about the upcoming gaming ecosystem and the many features in it!
Anshul Agrawal
.For. eg. A rare moment of a famous bowler could be used to level up other players. There can be an academy where you can train and perform small tasks to increase your skills. Different moments have different exclusivity in them. Our moments have unique badges and stars associated with each moment which defines the type of play along with the importance of the piece of history. Which will be used in the gaming metaverse.

What is RARIO club? Also share your Roadmap.

Ankit Wadhwa
Rario club is a club for owners of the Rario NFTs where NFT owners can engage in games, community events or just flex their collections
Rario club is under development and will give utility wings to Rario NFTs
Shalini Wood
On a broader level some of the key milestones for Rario is to move towards interoperability and be on several secondary marketplaces; introduce our cricket gaming eco-system; onboard more Iconic cricket legends as brand ambassadors; onboard more flagship Cricket leagues and Build a Cricket metaverse!


Are there any intentions to create something other than a standard marketplace, such as a venue for cricket fans to interact with teams who have collaborated to launch NFTs on the platform? Something along the lines of allowing NFT holders to interact directly with Cricket League?

Shalini Wood
Collaborating with other blockchain and NFT projects is something we have on our strategic outlook! The Cricket metaverse as it matures users will be able to interact with players and potentially also cricket leagues. The advantage of NFTs is that you can own a piece of a wider brand. In the case of Rario, our NFTs enables fans to ‘own’ a tangible officially licensed cricket sporting moment. On the Rario platform, users can buy and collect cricket sporting moments of 3 flagship T20 cricket leagues — Abu Dhabi T10, Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Lanka Premier League (LPL). We feel this will change the way fans interact with cricket and lay down the foundation of digital collectables for fans in the cricket metaverse. This paves the way for community-led brands in the future!
As the Cricket metaverse progresses there will be many opportunities to interact with brands within the ecosystem, cricket players and leagues! 🚀🏏
Anshul Agrawal
Our Rario club will also give access to meetups, signed merchandise, player access and VIP box tickets. Let me give you a glimpse of this.
We are giving exclusive signed merchandise from zaheer khan himself — king of reverse swing. You can join to get one!!

As the NFTs were focused on the images and video clips of players. I wondered if there were so copyright problems or something similar, that a user buy an NFT and that the player shown in said image requests the removal of that material. Will it be totally safe to buy these NFTs?

Anshul Agrawal
We are an officially licensed cricket collectable platform. That means every NFT we drop is licensed. With the partner leagues. We have a highly competent legal team who looks at the contract for the copyright and other legal clauses. These NFTs are perfectly safe for buying and using in the metaverse. Every user who has bought the NFT has the right over it through us.
Shalini Wood
For instance, Rario’s partnership with the Caribbean Premier league, enables Rario to mint unique digital collectables of memorable moments,not just from the upcoming tournaments, but also from the last eight editions.
By immortalising the league’s iconic instances, these collectables give fans a chance to claim singular ownership over their favourite moments in a tangible, verifiable way. 🚀

RARIO is backed by Polygon, and attractive and increasingly adopted blockchain network. What have been the advantages for Rario in using Polygon? What led them to adopt this network instead of BSC or Polkadot? Will Rario be interoperable with other networks soon?

Anshul Agrawal
Polygon is one of the most used blockchain with low gas fees. The growth of polygon wallet and addresses has been phenomenal. According to dune analytics, over 1.3 million NFTs were transacted in December alone.
On polygon network.
Shalini Wood
The advantage of being built on Polygon is that the network is built to scale as user volume increases, which means that in theory it can be used for mass adoption. As mentioned before interoperability is an important milestone for us.


Not Me
How big is your marketing team and do you have an experienced team ? Are you a public team and how can we trust your project is legit?

Shalini Wood
Yes, indeed the team is a public team! Rario’s internal marketing team is about 15 people; that has extensive experience in media, sports and blockchain space! Profiles of team members can be found on LinkedIn. Additionally, Rario has one Branding agency, one creative agency and a stellar PR agency on board.

Quang Thiên Hưng
Do you have any plans to burn tokens in the future to reduce token supply?

Shalini Wood
Rario does not have a token; we wanted to have fewer barriers of entry. We anyone with access to a smartphone and a credit card to be able to buy a Rario NFT. We want the users to choose their mode of payment — You can buy Rario NFTs with your credit card or choose about 150 crypto’s to make a purchase! This keep Also eliminates the noise of market speculation and price volatility! that may project need to go thru in the bull or bear market!
We are creating a Cricket fan-centric platform! Cricket fans are at the heart of everything we do.

Lance Sanford
I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate?

Anshul Agrawal
We are creating Rario Squads
The squad member will be the ambassadors of Rario and will have early access to all the info, to be eligible for that you need to be active on all our community channels. They will also get some exclusive NFTs for supporting us through our journey.

Lavonda Tejeda
On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?

Shalini Wood
Indeed our protocol has been audited.
Anshul Agrawal
Our smart contracts are audited by Halborn. We completed the audit in November before the Marketplace launch
All of our contracts have been tested extensively. To allow maximum safety for the users transacting on the blockchain.

8Mi_Yile | Rick Astley
What is the role of token in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it?what would be its used?

Shalini Wood
As mentioned before we don't have a token. The Rario NFT will be used to enter the gaming ecosystem and unlock the many features and levels!

Susanne Ferrell
STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about to Staking?

Shalini Wood
Not at the moment; but down the road, we are very open to looking at staking NFTs!

Hoa Anh Đào
PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us?

Anshul Agrawal
We have a polygon, Animoca as our investors and partners
Also, we have partnerships with NFTrade, OVR, eMoney.
Stay tuned for more partnerships on the crypto and cricket space
Shalini Wood
also. , with Elrond, Curate! Watch the space; our journey has only just begun. Many more exciting things will be unveiled in the future.

Pls go on our website and sign up for the next PACK drop ! 😎they usually get sold out within minutes so reserving a spot is a good idea 💡 & ⬅️ Here is the link to reserve a spot 🚀
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RARIO Telegram

Anshul Agrawal
There are two types of packs, with various scarcity, the utility built-in.
We have a team of IIT guys who curate and analyse videos to make these moments. Do check them out.
You guys are awesome.
Do participate in the special Giveaway we are doing for crypto players community. It will be open for one day.

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Ankit Wadhwa, Anshul Agrawal & Shalini Wood from RARIO. AMA Concluded at 7 pm IST.

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