AMA Recap — League of Ancients

Announcement poster of League of Ancients.

The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with League of Ancients was conducted on 25th Nov 2021 at 5:30 PM IST (12 PM UTC) and lasted for 1 hour.


I welcome you on behalf of Crypto players India team, hope you will enjoy today’s AMA session.
Very excited to have you with us.😊

Please tell us about yourself and the team working on League of Ancients?


What is League of Ancients? Please provide a detailed introduction.


What are the unique features of LOA? What is Luminus and Dark soul? How can we earn extra rewards through events?


How can we earn more currency by using $LOA tokens? Also share your Roadmap.



How many characters are there in “LOAOfficialMOBA” and how the game is designed? could you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from the ways in which we can generate profits and the Marketplace that you have designed for the game?


About your NFTs, Can you explain further about the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Are they meant to be held as simple collectables or will they have additional benefits? Also, will you have your own marketplace to sell and buy the “LOAOfficialMOBA” NFTs?


What makes LOA feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of the LEAGUE of ANCIENTS project in the near future? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?



Nhiệm Màu
Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

I think we have a great team and advisor. We have great plans post listing, sustainable revenue model and proper costing. And we have great support from the community. The team will continue to work hard to build and grow the community preparing for the launch of the game. Meantime. Esport , nft marketplace and nft staking will Be in place.

What is the ultimate vision that your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? Obviously the whole space will experience huge growth in the upcoming years, but what role would you like your project play in this?

Our vision is about changing people live, giving everyone an equal opportunity to have a good moba gaming experience and earn at the same time. We see this will be a new way of lifestyle and we are also looking forward to be in part of the metaverse builder.

Bomb Bomb
Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

I think to encourage to hold our token, is to have proper utilisation of our tokens, making a good demand for our loa token with marketing and proper control of circulating supply. We will try our best to ensure the best case. Also I think ultimately, building a great game with huge daily users based is our goal. We want to be bigger than the giants.

On your website you dont mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you havent, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?

Our smart contract has been audited, do check-in our whitepaper.

Khi Dau Cho
Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

We have great partners, marketing, connections, KoL, and exchange as well. They are awesome.

Which one of these aspects is important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price & Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally In what order?

I think all are equally important to make sure the project is a success. We have teams to focus on in each area.

Bat Bai Phio
What is the background, of the your project, team do you think team’s qualifications, and experience, able to support the long-term development, of the project?

I think we are special because we are moba players ourselves with diff skillsets and leadership experience from various industries. The teamwork really hard to deliver the best quality to the community.

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Dwayne from League of Ancients. AMA Concluded at 6:30 pm IST.

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CryptoPlayers is one of the oldest & largest crypto communities in India since early 2017.

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Crypto Players India

Crypto Players India

CryptoPlayers is one of the oldest & largest crypto communities in India since early 2017.

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