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Announcement poster Hashtagger.

The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with Hashtagger was conducted on 22 nd Jan 2022 at 5:30 PM IST (12 PM UTC) and lasted for 1 hour.


Saiba Kataruka from Hashtagger has joined us for this AMA session.

Please tell us about yourself and the team working on Hashtagger?

Hello everyone,
This is Saiba here, I’m the CEO of Hashtagger.
I am an alumnus of the University of Oxford and IIT Delhi. Regarding my professional background, I have worked with several startups. I used to be a management consultant in IBM and was a developer marketer in Zilliqa making products. Have been in the crypto space since around 2017 and created Hashtagger to ensure that newcomers can easily learn about crypto, and get paid while doing so without any expense on their side.
My co-founder and CTO is Lucas Grondin, an alum of 42 Paris which is a famous programming school and has developed complex cybersecurity solutions for the French Govt. departments. Together, with the rest of the team and the community, we’re building Hashtagger that allows users to earn crypto for making social media posts. Hashtagger rewards users in cryptocurrency for making a tweet about a specified crypto project. So basically, all of you reading this can use it to earn some tokens by using your social media account of Telegram and Twitter for about 5 minutes.
Here is a video about it:
In the crypto space, this practice of giving users some free tokens for being part of the community is known as an airdrop. We’re building Hashtagger as a trusted third-party platform where the crypto companies can host their Airdrops and crypto-community members such as the reader here, can get rewards.

What are airdrops? How can one earn money through and how much can we earn from that.

Well, you must have seen that many times, when a product launches it gives out special rewards etc. for its first customers for the initial time.
In crypto, this is done by sending the initial users some tokens.
Usually what people have to do is join the communities of a crypto company and make a tweet about them as per the condition. And in return, they are eligible for being considered for some rewards.
At Hashtagger we ensure that the rewards are being distributed in a fair way

What do you need to participate in the campaign, and what are the conditions for tweet?

First of all, log into the website through the Twitter id of yours. you should have at least a minimum number of followers (usually between 10–30) your account must be at least 30 days old and you should have made at least 30 tweets.
then you can participate in one of the campaigns that are listed there.

Currently, if you log in, the two campaigns listed there are Histograph and Unus Dao. you participate in any campaign by hitting the button participate. and there you’re given tasks.

This is what I get once I click Participate in Histograph NFT campaign
I’ve to do these tasks and hit next once I complete something
the tasks are
1. Follow the given Twitter account.
2. Follow the given telegram group
3. Make the tweet with the given hashtags and the URL
4. submit the tweet URL in the app
that’s it
and then, current campaigns have 10 big rewards of roughly 30–50 dollars and lots of rewards for a few dollars.
I think there are 900+ rewards for each campaign
so let’s say 1500 people participate, then there is a random draw done for the 900 in order to distribute the top prizes and the participation prizes
you can try it right now since these campaigns are now on.
And if you get stuck anywhere, you can always talk to us in our TG group
The current two campaigns close in a couple of days. So do participate soon 🙂 (oh, and new campaigns will cone up after these close.)
yes. essentially we’re a marketplace for reward programs. So usually there is always a reward program going on

How do you, calculate engagement and how do you make sure that one person participates at one time.

We use the Twitter API to calculate and check all data.
That’s how we also check whether or not somebody has only participated once. That’s why you have to use your Twitter id to log in to the app. That way we get to make most of our operations programmatic rather than anything is done by humans.
That helps us keep everything fast, efficient and fair
In crypto airdrops people have suffered from three kinds of problems:
1. Proof of distribution- basically has the company really distributed the sum it said it did.
2. Proof of randomness- did the company really choose the winners randomly? For example, if somebody declares a 50,000 USD reward for an airdrop (pretty common in this space) then how do we know if they truly chose the winners randomly or gave the award to themselves?
3. Bot resistance- people who know how to make bots make thousands of accounts to participate in such airdrops or make multiple ids. That’s why in many airdrops actual human beings don’t get that much money. We wanted to ensure that the platform is easy for humans but really hard for the bots. Rewards have to be for the humans, not bots.
so yes that’s why it’s our priority that the reward should be distributed fairly and transparently.


How would you generate revenue so much to distribute among the users and be profitable too? Is the concept actually feasible?

It’s actually a simple two-sided marketplace. Much like Uber and AirBnb On one side of this two-sided marketplace, there are crypto companies that want users. On the other side are the users that want rewards
We’re just the matchmaker and make a profit by taking a cut — again like Uber and AirBnb.

Our model has been thoroughly vetted by major VCs and we’ve been fortunate enough to get support from some of the top VCs in the space.
so yes, we’re keen on ensuring users get long term benefits and have paid very close attention to the business model

Listing on the right exchanges especially major exchanges helps to increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. So Where can we buy Token and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?

DEX- pancakeswap ( )

Also, as earlier mentioned, you can not just get the tokens by buying but by simply participating in one of the campaigns. that way you spend 0 USD, 0 INR. and get to be eligible for some tokens just by spending your 5 minutes on Social media

There are many projects on the BLOCKCHAIN now with similar features just as yours, why do you think I should invest in #HashtaggerHQ project? What features do you have to keep your users glued?

Well, we actually don’t provide investment advice one way or the other. You should do your own research and decide if you want to make any investments. However, as mentioned earlier, we do highly encourage you to take part in the reward programs. That way you spend 0 INR and still get to have some tokens and learn more about new coins. Much easier, right?

Please provide more information on your ROADMAP. What are the most anticipated plans and events for the next few days and months that we should be aware of?

Our immediate next step is to make sure that we spread awareness about how millions of dollars are being spent on airdrops and most of them are not reaching users like you. So more marketing on that front to make people aware. We’re also going to upgrade so that it contains information on the major airdrops going on and give it a programmatic score on how likely you’re to get money thereby participating. And yes, to introduce more and more campaigns so that the users such as you can earn more money for your social media posts

As the name suggests the project aims towards bringing normal day or web 2.0 social media to web 3.0 , i remember some other projects like BAT. doing same thing how do you see these Projects and why will users should use your platform instead of these.

There are some other projects for sure that are trying to combine web 2 and web 3. And for each and every one of them, there are currently very different approaches being taken. I first came across this concept when I was creating a blockchain workshop in my alma mater University of Oxford ( )
and while giving this use case as an example realized that this is one of the easiest ways for people to get introduced to crypto without spending any money. So while there are various projects with various aims. Our aim at is simply to ensure that more users can get rewards.


Dang Thi Thuy Tram
Do you agree that the power of community will lead your project to grow globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Absolutely. Community is one of the central forces behind any crypto project.
After all, you can’t have Decentralization without having a community to decentralize to. The entire idea behind hashtagger is that community members should receive recognition for their effort in providing support.
You can go right now to and gain rewards for being part of the communities currently doing campaigns there

Vivo Y 20
Asia, Africa and other communities are Non-English speaking communities. How will your project create global adoption to more local communities. thanks good project..??

Hey, that’s a great question.
Absolutely. Most of our users come from India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Many of them don’t speak English.
That’s why our platform is very language—neutral. Let me show you:

The moment we click that we can use Hindi language on our website. You can also make tweets in your own language. Hindi, Tamil etc. etc.
To be truly decentralized, a project has to focus on all languages and not just English. I hope to see a Hindi or a regional language tweet from you soon 🙂

Nola Plant
Do you have user manual or short videos that would guide potential users of project to safely navigate your platform?

Here is a step by step video on how you can earn the rewards
if you have any further questions, you can always discuss with us in

Kim Ngọc
Does your project already have AIRDROP open?

Yes! There are two airdrop programs going on right now in our airdrop program

one ends on Jan 24 (so 2 days) and another one on Jan 26 (so 4 days)
participate now and you have a high chance of winning a reward. For 900+ rewards only 1500 or so people have participated. So odds are currently better than winning a coin toss and it only takes 5 minutes or so to complete one campaign. and we’ll keep on putting up new campaigns here for our community so that you can win more rewards. Also ensure you join our announcement channel: where we publicize new campaigns all the time so you don’t have to constantly monitor.

Could you share with us some famous companies who collaborate with your project at the moment and in the future plan?

you can actually toggle the archive button to see all the old campaigns
DuckDao did a campaign where we distributed 15000 USD.
Currently the rewards being distributed are ~6000–7000 USD this week
every week we have new company collaboration or our campaigns and we distribute thousands of dollars worth of tokens to our users.
so do participate in campaigns to earn tokens

The current ones are Histograph NFT and UNUS Dao, both of which are giving out a combined 6000–7000 USD worth of tokens and new campaigns will be launched soon after these get over.

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Saiba Kataruka from Hashtagger. AMA Concluded at 6:30 pm IST.

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