AMA Recap — Harmony Launcher

The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with Harmony Launcher was conducted on 10 Feb 2022 at 6 PM IST (12:30 PM UTC) and lasted for 1 hour.


Harshad & Charles from Harmony Launcher has joined us for this AMA session.

Can you briefly describe what is Harmony Launcher? We would like to know more about your team and how they works?

At harmony launcher, we aim to build world decentralised fundraising platform facilitating igo ido IMO and inos as well
Despite this, we have an incubation vertical under which we aim to accelerate project growth by acting as a catalyst and aiding them in
And numerous other things under our incubation division so far we have partnered with genesis shard, rebaked and hello capital ( early-stage backers of Polkadot and lit and numerous other projects) and have got them to set up 1.2 mil dollar fund collectively to incubate projects in their earliest stages.

Harshad Wagh
I am the $HARL Cofounder With respect to my Education Background Have done my engineering in electronics major.
Started off as a software engineer in omnitech in 2014
Then held a position as a big data analytics developer in core logistics (2016–2018)
Alongside was amazed by the emerging blockchain tech acquired this skill and started freelancing as a blockchain dev in 2016
Then joined the block pool as a full-stack blockchain application developer in 2020. Was closely associated with top launchpads on solana both as an investor and as a tech contributor, felt the need for a strong infrastructural platform to give necessary exposure to projects building on harmony and harmony ecosystem itself so started off harmony Launcher 8 months back with my dynamic co-founders Ankit and Prashant.
While my crypto journey started along with my professional journey way back in 2014. and since then there’s no turning back. Getting into this scenario early surely has helped me in developing one of our most prized product harmony launcher. Our strategic advisor & investors include:- Cathy Zhu China head Casper labs
Waleed Rasuli md tezos
Nikolus kost ex harmonyYuen Wong CEO of labs group
Lary shi founder basic capital
Jef & Justin Maven capital
Demelza director cointelgraph
Evan Luthra Advisor and angel investor Yash CEO of acknoledger
Regarding Harmony Launcher
At $HARL Launchpad we are not here to just make up the numbers in the space, NO. We are here to set new standards and also make a difference. So, we are not one of those “make up the numbers” projects.
While we must acknowledge and commend existing projects that are genuine and has helped advance the cause of Crypto, we must also accept the rather sorry fact that so many Projects and Project Teams are doing more harm than good to the space. Rug pulls, lack of transparency and so many other vices.
$HARL is here to change all those negative narratives for the good of all.
As we have been affirming to our community members and all that cares to listen, at Harmony Launcher; We Believe Crypto Currency Can Be A Tool For Economic Empowerment If And When Properly Administered With Fairness & Integrity… And that is what we aim to achieve.
Apart from incubation, support in development and marketing what we aim to achieve is integrating each project onto Metaverse and NFT’s by partnering with all popular Metaverse Projects and binding them together to create a world of blockchain-powered by Harmony and making the ecosystem stronger and popular. Secondly, the projects which would like to come on harmony, we are the only launchpad on harmony network
The most hidden potential for HArmony network is the EVM compatibility, Layer 2 support and cross-chain interoperability with support to almost all major chains out there. And the course of action of the team, in making partnerships and development with popular NFT and Metaverse projects will surely make harmony launcher the front face of the Metaverse sphere.

Can you introduce what makes you better than your competitors what different you are offering and what’s the competitive advantage that stands you unique in the market?

So far we don’t see anyone coming any near to us, we are the only project on harmony blockchain with this much support from our dynamic Advisory, 50 + global industry pioneers VCs and numerous strategic investors alongside 200+ kols . This establishes a strong foundation to trust on and we are really great-full for this as well as foresee taking this ahead and delivering the best.
As mentioned I found that there was a lack of strong foundational Launchpad on harmony and the potential harmony blockchain holds to scale up as an emerging ecosystem. So we fit into fill the exposure gap in the ecosystem for projects in a nascent stage.

Why you chose to build over harmony?

Harshad Wagh
Apart from Harmony’s multi-chain interoperability, they are the fastest and cheapest L2 eth scaling bridge platform and with just one line of coding other chains, projects can be made live on a harmony chain. as easy as it gets and with the added advantage of cheapest and fastest transactions Harmony is the best bet amongst all leading chains and with the grants by the harmony team for the promising projects, the flood of projects with real-world use cases will be hosted and developed. So as easy it gets harmony needed the launchpad to keep the demand of projects as well as provide a platform for developing marketing and incubation. EVM has been instrumental in the growth of the Ethereum network and Harmony Network being the fastest (transactions are published within 2 seconds )and cheapest (1000 times less fees) amongst the competitors, any Ethereum wallets or portals can work on Harmony without code changes or new installs and are fully compatible for both transaction messages and execution environments. One can use the familiar and standard Web3 tooling to easily migrate to Harmony.
And regarding compatibility with other networks, Harmony network has Cross-Chain Interoperability and supports Eth, Bsc, Polka, Bitcoin bridging, Terra and many other upcoming chains. So we can be fully sure Harmony Network is the future proof and so will be our Harmony Launcher. This played an instrumental in selecting Harmony Network as our native chain for the IDO and incubator platform.

Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? What are the major achievement target Harmony Launcher is yet to achieve…and your next 3 months strategy.

We have raised 1.7 mil ~ at a valuation of 12 mil in our private rounds and aim to raise an additional 240k in the public sale via hosting triple ido on genesis shard firestarter and our own platform
Read more:-
In upcoming 100 days
We would wish to acquire the following milestones
-cex listing
-our dex test-net launch
-our dex mainnet launch
-migrate onto our dex completely
-offer really attractive lp reward after dex is live
-incubate at least 5 projects via our network and platform
-shift onto dao structure.

What is your knowledge in the field and what makes you an ideal team make this project a success?

Harshad Wagh
Our team compromises of
I am a full-stack blockchain dev working in the industry for 5 years ~
Having been big data analyst previously details
And Ankit also has been in industry for a while and comes from an engineering background was featured in us today recently alongside Evan Luthra Mario Nawfal Ceo of rainmaker and gains associate
We have Prashant our CMO and Alex head of business dev
They hold expertise in marketing and have been working with chinchblock and market across previously
Have served 200 + projects in this while
Besides we are continuously growing our team to reach the milestones before time. Apart from these, our advisory team comprises from around the world.
Add to it 50 million incubation fund helps to bring the most exciting and beneficial projects to be launched on harmony network with our assistance making the ecosystem of $HARL stronger.

Kindly give a brief explaination of your fundraising strategies and token sale statistics.And who are your Strategic Investors?

We are raising funds publicly via triple ido
Read more:- planning to launch on cex TBA
We concluded our private sale in November 2021 we ran oversubscribed in 2 weeks. Our strategic advisor & investors include:-
Cathy Zhu China head Casper labs
Waleed Rasuli md tezos
Nikolus kost ex harmony
Yuen Wong ceo of labs group
Lary shi founder basic capital
Jef & Justin Maven capital
Demelza director cointelgraph
Evan Luthra Advisor and angel investor
Yash ceo of acknoledger
So far we have secured partnerships with.
genesis they’ll contribute their infrastructure & have set up a fund to back them in the early stages. Rebaked they’ll contribute their infrastructure & have setup a fund to back them in early stages
Hello capital they’ll contribute their expertise network and have setup an 1 mil grant. Much more announcements coming out soon!

What are your TGE plans which Launchpad and Exchange are you going to? when you are going to list on cex or dex.

Harshad Wagh
For the TGE we have a triple IDO planned on
And on HArmony Launcher as well
For the CEX listing, we cant disclose as of now due to the NDA and TnC by the exchange. Rest assured listing will be sooner than anticipated.


SK Rayhan
PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us?

Harshad Wagh
The most important support is the assistance provided by the harmony team with respect to development and scaling. Apart from these our strategic partners including but not limited to
Cathy Zhu China head Casper labs
Waleed Rasuli md tezos
Nikolus kost ex harmonyYuen Wong ceo of labs group
Lary shi founder basic capital
Jef & Justin Maven capital
Demelza director cointelgraph
Evan Luthra Advisor and angel investor Yash ceo of acknoledger. And add to it
Rebaked and hello capital.

According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?

Harshad Wagh
The most important priority for us is to implement DAO governance model!

Cố Lên Nào
Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

We are fully audited by a reputable audit firm. our Smart contract has SUCCESSFULLY gone through manual code review, static code analysis and security checks against threats using sophisticated tools by a reputable audit company. Apart from the escrow system we have insurance protocol ready and also heavy vetting plus regards to Tnc before listing rest assured all funds will be safe within the harmony launcher ecosystem.

Le Nguyen Nam
DeFi has three areas: DEX, Aggregate Assets, and Lending. What exactly are you focusing on? Do you have plans for others that you haven’t focused on yet?

Harshad Wagh
Our tokens help to earn from Earnings from the liquidity pool. (Add to liquidity pool & earn/share trading fees.
Lottery. You buy tickets with $HARL tokens and win amazing prizes.
Play games to earn Cryptocurrencies. Other projects donate coins to our pool to gain a larger community as people adopt their tokens. Our users play games freely and receive those tokens.
Other than staking and farming and project allotments. the utility of HARL will be beneficial in acquiring a premium range of NFT cards, and likewise.
We also plan to use that token in metaverse as a mode of currency especially for the harmony metaverse projects and gaming alike.

Do you have any plans to burn tokens in the future to reduce the supply of tokens and increase investment attraction?please tell me this question?

Harshad Wagh
As of now, we don't have any token burning plans but surely in future we will be open the option of a token buyback scheme as per the project development and deploying several features.

Official website —
Official Group — @HarmonyLauncher
Official Twitter —

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guests Harshad & Charles from Harmony Launcher. AMA Concluded at 7 pm IST.

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