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Announcement poster of Dexsport.

The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with Dexsport was conducted on 6th Nov 2021 at 4:30 PM IST (11 AM UTC) and lasted for 1 hour.


Dmitry Kryshtal, CMO at Dexsport has joined us for this AMA session.

Let’s start the AMA session with your introduction :)

Dmitry Kryshtal
My name is Dmitry, as you know 🙂
I’m marketer and crypto enthusiast for 5 years, I’ve been working on several fintech projects that have been successful, also I’m mentioned as top11 crypto marketers by newsbtc —
Right now i’m working with great masterminds in Dexsport ❤️

Could u tell us in brief about Dexsport & the team working behind it?

Dmitry Kryshtal
Dexsport is the first decentralized betting platform where you bet against the liquidity pool. No one has done this before, so that’s why we’re first and fully decentralized. We’re changing the way users think about betting. Users can now play with a shared liquidity pool.DexSport is a DeFi betting that includes sports betting, prediction market, P2P betting on cryptocurrency rates and NFT collecting based. We’re working in web3, so you can easily login through your metamask wallet. It allows users to connect to the platform without KYC and registrations.
About the team — we are fully packed with masterminds in crypto and betting:
Nikita Vassev — Entrepreneur, investor, producer of digital and blockchain projects. He is also a founder of the 13Exchange p2p platform aggregator, the Six Touches Agency digital agency and the largest forum TerraCrypto, which unites miners and community traders from all over the world.
Dmitry Starostenkov — Entrepreneur and executive with more than 10 years experience in the high tech industry. Founder, business angel and operator of various start-ups: independent software vendors, custom software development, internet start-ups, payment processing.
Pavel Grachev — 10 years of project management experience, more than 30 successfully implemented projects in the field of blockchain and fintech.
Alex Simonov — Significant experience with affiliate marketing services for 5 years. Developed and executed strategic marketing plans. Drove over $14M in gross revenue with over $7M in the margin.
Vyacheslav Ermakov — Many years of experience in investment attraction and consulting both in the public and private sector. Attracted more than $200M of capital investments to Tatarstan in one year.
Project manager of 15 successfully implemented investment projects and start-ups. Worked with large IT companies (Facebook, NNG, Hikvision, Schreder, Huawei, Ericsson).
Also check out our design, hard to mention all the team, but they did a great job!

What are some unique features of Dexsport & how it works?

Dmitry Kryshtal
So the main unique feature is the liquidity pool, against which you are betting.
Liquidity pool counts and obligies revard, so if you won, you can check your transaction in the blockchain. Totally transparent!
Also, we’re going to launch P2E betting. We think, that it’s going to be a great decade in P2E sector — hype didn’t even start yet.
We don’t have KYC, only one thing that you need to have is a metamask wallet with funds on it 🙂

What problems are you focusing on solving in betting? Also share your Roadmap?

Dmitry Kryshtal
The existing betting tools are too complex for the average user, which requires a large amount of specific and up-to-date knowledge, such as interaction with pools, deposit liquidity, and mitigation of non-permanent losses.
These are the current problems in betting sector:

Centralization of companies
The likelihood of hacking and theft of funds
Lack of user keys
Lengthy withdrawal verification processes
Government bans

So we’re going to fix this 🙂
Here is our roadmap —


For the gambling platform, I think the FIAT gateway is very important to be implemented on it considering that many users want to spend their money directly without going through a complicated process. Do Dexsport provide it? Can I use debit/credit card on Dexsport soon?

Dmitry Kryshtal
Great question! This week we’re finishing funnel for newcomers just to make their registration super easy.
We will work with the payment partner, through him it could be possible to process cards and convert funds on bscscan 🙂 I think we will post updates regarding it in the end of this week on our official announcement channel —

$DESU is the native token of your blockchain protocol, which was designed to ensure the accuracy of betting odds while also providing transparent mathematical models for gaming platforms and providers. What is the token’s utility within the platform? Where can I purchase?

Dmitry Kryshtal
So as I said previously we’re going to launch DESUChain, also we’ll develop lottery for DESU holders, Cashback, Earning rewards and many more. BTW, we’re launching staking soon, so I also can add it as an utility feature 🙂

Dexsport is a wonderful betting platform with a unique Idea but how can you convince the community about your durability, seeing that some betting platforms has crashed shortly after their launch. Also, are there any interest rates?? And does it support Ethereum Blockchain?

Dmitry Kryshtal
We didn’t add ETH because of commission fees. Once we will get to mainnet we will launch on different blockchains, let’s keep it as a surprise. We do not want our users to pay extra high fees for commissions. It does not need in such DAPP About durability — We’re trying to expose worldwide by sponsoring well-known eSports teams, MMA fighters, commentators etc. Also, we onboarded a lot of well-known people from crypto, so we can’t fall in the face.


RS 77
Do you have AUDIT certificates?
if you have, Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable?

Dmitry Kryshtal
Yes! We’re waiting for final audits from Certik and Pessimistic. I couldn't say that, but mainnet is VERY soon guys, waiting for the third audit.

Joker Zlu
How many charity organizations have you supported so far? Do you have any Ambassador program to create awareness for that? And will your charity percentage increase when you get more organizations to support? Thanks

Dmitry Kryshtal
Great idea about charity organisations, will add it to shortlist. Thank you! About ambassador program — sign in here, we will close it shortly, you have actually last chance to get in —

Joan Alonzo
It’s unfortunate that some initiatives become stopped in the middle because their developers abandon the idea because they can’t achieve the desired capitalization over time; how do you plan to keep this project going?

Dmitry Kryshtal
we’re got on IDO with the working product on test net, you can check it here

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our guest Dmitry Kryshtal from Dexsport. AMA Concluded at 5:30 pm IST.

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CryptoPlayers is one of the oldest & largest crypto communities in India since early 2017.

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Crypto Players India

CryptoPlayers is one of the oldest & largest crypto communities in India since early 2017.

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