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The session of AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) with AvaXlauncher was conducted on 8th September 2021 at 7:30 PM IST (2 PM UTC) and lasted for 1 hour.


I welcome both of you on behalf of CryptoplayersIndia team, hope you will enjoy today’s AMA session.
Very excited to have you with us.😊

Please tell us about yourself and the team working on AvaXLauncher?

Yeo Lu($AVXL)
I am head of strategy for AvaXlauncher and have been with them from beginning. I have been in crypto for last 4 years and worked in tech, product, marketing and business development also.

Professor Crane
Hey everyone
I am Crane, am the Marketing Head and have been overseeing the Investor Relation and Marketing in AvaxLauncher. About the Team We are 5 people working on AvaXlauncher Incubator Launchpad. Our Founders, Ankit and Coung are from the Tech side. Ankit has worked as a software developer, (Blockchain, solidity) his whole life and have an experience of 4 years in building blockchain and crypto products. He is the one handling Tech part in AvaXlauncher. And Me, @yeolu001 and another team member sees the Deal flow, Investors and Marketing side of the project.

Whallut AvaXLauncher project is about? How it works, Give a detailed introduction.

Professor Crane
AvaXlauncher is the first Incubator + launchpad for the Avalanche ecosystem. AvaXlauncher offers a fast, secure, and efficient platform for decentralized fundraising. We like to brand ourselves as Avalanche’s first Incubator Launchpad. As our project has 2 aspects attached to it.
One being Icubator where we groom the projects that are onboarded to our incubator programme and connect them with proper network for future.
And Launchpad where we launch our incubated projects as well as other projects that come to us. Since the Ethereum network has become very congested, people want to move away and look for cheaper and eco-friendly options. and here we got AVAX, Good TPS, best in class Transaction finality and many great features along with this our team is mix of every department from tech marketing PR, we all our tech lover and building tools. Avalaunche currently has less than 25 projects building over it and hence provides a big opportunity for development of an ecosystem for itself. That is where we coming in✌️

What is the Tokenomics and Use case? And how will it be useful for the ecosystem?

Our tokenomics are something that have been hyping up all by itself. The fact that we have a $53,680 Initial Mcap in itself has been pretty hyped by everyone supporting us. Here is the infographic to understand things better.

or participating in IDO, holders will have multiple option to participate, their are tier as well and staking of LP and AVXL as well to participate in IDO. These staking will be Yield bearing. We are not revealing APY for now but the numbers are really great to start with.
For LP staking we are coming up with pool in first come first serve basis based on your % in pool you will get return” Other than that for token Utility We have a ulitiy that sets us apart from all other launchpads.
For it to understand you need to understand our Fundraising Flow.

Hint: Bottom right is the most Important part of the flow😉 2% of sale goes to incubator pool. Incubator pool invests in seed
round of projects. Coins of incubated projects are air dropped to the token holders.

What are the key features which makes AvaXlauncher more beneficial than other competitors in the market? And what makes you confident that your project will be able to compete with other launchpad platform?

I believe i already threw some light on this but to put more things to context
1) Staking Token
2) Staking LP Token
3) Yield Bearing APY (Which by the way have been giving some amazing APY in our tests)
4) Platform already live at Launch (Which is tomorrow).
Other than that we belive any Launchpad needs to have 2 factors in order to be successful. Along with tech there needs to be amazing marketing support and IDO Deal flow. And with the amazing level of backing we are sure to be doing a great job. Let me share some of the notable Investors and Advisors we have got. Lester Lim, cofounder of X21 has also onboarded as a strategic advisor. X21 Digital — X21 Digital is one of the most prominent Incubator, Advisor and Fund in the Blockchain community with hundreds of projects in their portfolio. Eric Su, founder of Exnetwork has also onboarded as a strategic advisor. ExNetwork Capital — Exnetwork capital, another big name of the crypto industry, is a digital asset investment fund that offers community focused strategic value, they have an experience of advising and investing in over 250 blockchain projects. Crypto Daku is the most notable name in the Telegram Community name with a 60k+ Community Size. Other VC Funds backing us are Everse Capital
Solidity ventures
OnChain Capital — Ran Neuner’s venture capital is also one of our backers. One of the most prominent names in the industry again!
Magnus capital — a veteran fund whose investments have yielded maximum returns in July 2021
CCIX a fund from HK
and more. So with such a humongous backing we believe we will have an amazing Deal Flow which will also be boosted by our Incubator Programme. Same for Marketing.


In one of your AMA’s, You said that Large numbers of Project are lined up to launch on Your platoform, Can You give us some details about those Projects?

Professor Crane
For obvious reasons I cannot disclose them just yet.
But keep an eye on announcement channel. We might just be dropping a hint as soon as Tonight😉

Elly ♂️
Today Itself, Cryptic Ocean has Completed the Audting report of AvaXLauncher, That’s Good to see, how was thr overall report? Can You share some key points of this Audit?

Professor Crane
The report has been as we expected 😇Our Founder Ankit has been in the Blockchain and solidity development for over 4 years now and has developed for many projects in the past. So his experience is immense in development

Js pagol
Which chain are you using for your native token and do you plan integrate to BSC,POLKADOT in the future?

Professor Crane
We Launch on BSC and soon will have a migration bridge which will be to and fro from Avalanche Blockchain.

BaZa DoN
Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Professor Crane
Tech wise — Platform integrity, security audits, scaling the platform, UX improvements.Business wise — Become the biggest incubator and launchpad for the Avalanche ecosystem. Our aim is to promote build on the Avalanche ecosystem by incubating projects. Our team and backers make it possible. Our incubator pool model is unique and has already generated great interest in the community.

Mis Lota
Is any CEX or DEX listing on the way? Can you give us some clues about particular exchanges? When will the listing happen?

Professor Crane
CEX and DEX both😉
I would say again
Keep an eye on the Announcement Channel
Lot’s of exciting stuff coming up
Official website —
Official ANN channel —
Official Twitter —

🌟What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Professor Crane
Being considered the Primary Launchpad for Launching any project on Avalanche Blockchain

Will this project be available on different languages, do you plan to add local communities. Are you GLOBAL.?

Professor Crane
We will be considering that as we progress further and add more people to our community.
📣Only 1 day left till IDO🔥 AvaXlauncher IDO will launch on our own platform tomorrow. ( ( All whitelisted users need to keep 400 BUSD ready to invest. Details:
IDO Date — 9th September 2021 (5PM UTC)
Invest amount — 400 BUSD
Chain — Binance Smart Chain
Whitelisted entries — 110
Total amount to raise — $44,000 Retweet :

Uci Suryadi
Can you show the details of your IDO? what is the current price of IDO and how many tokens are allocated?

Professor Crane
Reply to this question
Our IDO is tomorrow and we are pretty excited about it.

Does your project name and logo have any meaning? why did you choose the name your project?

Professor Crane
Our brand has been built around Avalanche Blockchain as we aim to be single most popular launchpad for it.

Moral judan
What is the technical team in your country? Does the country you are working in facilitate your development? And in the end, I think the project can develop or not thanks to good technology, are you confident with your team?

Professor Crane
We have diverse set of people
Our Founders alone are from different countries.
Ankit is an Indian and Coung is a Vietnamese

STAKING is really consider very important. Can we STAKE OR FARM. ?

Professor Crane
You can do both😉
That would be all from my side guys
Thank you for being such an active community
And showcasing the interest in AvaXlauncher.

The AMA recorded many great questions from the Crypto Players India community, as well as meticulous answers from our Professor Crane and Yeo Lu guests from AvaXlauncher. AMA Concluded at 8:30 pm IST.



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